Martin Bilodeau explains the benefits of quinoa

Martin Bilodeau explains the benefits of quinoa

Martin Bilodeau is a food entrepreneur interested in introducing the benefits of quinoa. He has made it his mission to let more people know the health benefits of it. He is the founder and CEO Cie 2 Ameriks, a producer and importer of GoGo Quinoa, a line that includes over 50 organic, vegan, and gluten-free products made mostly from quinoa.  

Bilodeau reflected and marveled at the size and space of the 45,000-square-feet facility they moved into last summer in the Montreal suburb of Laval. “It’s an amazing facility,” said Bilodeau in December. “It will allow us to develop many more new products for the marketplace.” 

Bilodeau's quest to help improve people's health and make a profit began in 2003. As he was unhappy working in an office job in Montreal, he had the support of his young and growing family and decided to start his company.  Today, the company is at the top of a growing niche in the food market in Canada. 

“I wanted to do something that was close to my social values and that would make money too,” he recalls. “My idea was to do fair trade with food products that were good for people’s health. I was a man on a mission with a business plan.”

The quest for finding something healthy took him all the way to Bolivia. He remembered eating the Inca grain a decade earlier on a trip he had made to South America. “Quinoa is unique in that it offers a perfect blend of fiber, carbohydrates, and a complete plant-based protein including the full range of amino acids,” says Bilodeau. “Unlike other protein grains, you could live your entire life eating just quinoa.”

Through many investments and business ventures, Bilodeau has made his company grow and expand to provide quality products that are quinoa-based that improve people's health and has proven to be a profitable enterprise.