What is Norwood’s Cricket Powder?

What is Norwood’s Cricket Powder?

Crickets and other bugs are staple foods in some parts of the world. However, people in North America will squirm about the thoughts of eating insects. One Ontario company is trying to change the way people view crickets by offering them in powder form.


Norwood’s Entomo Farms have raised mealworms and crickets for human consumption. They offer cricket powder used as a baking ingredient or mixed into smoothies and sauces. They also offer roasted, seasoned, and whole crickets.


Sustainable Protein Powder


Norwood’s cricket powder contains 100 percent crickets. Entomo Farms cook the insects and grind them into a fine powder. The cricket powder has protein, fiber, calcium, and vitamin B12. It is believed that 100 grams of cricket powder has the same amount of protein as meat but with less fat and calories. As an ingredient, it brings an earthy flavor to the dish. It has no taste when used in small amounts.


Entomo Farms has been raising and harvesting crickets since 2014. Aside from crickets, the company is also offering mealworms for animal feed and human consumption. At present, the cricket powder is available on shelves of Loblaw stores in Canada.  


Jarrod Goldin, co-founder of Entomo Farms, said that he got the idea of starting a cricket farm when he saw investors buying stakes in companies that offered consumer goods with cricket powder. Since they were the first to bring cricket powder to the Canadian market, the company looked for ways to make the product more attractive to consumers.


Eating insects is not a new thing in Canada. Insects are sometimes used as ingredients in dishes offered by restaurants. A Vancouver restaurant has cricket pizza on its menu.